Bohemian Dragons

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Bohemian Dragons - Rent RPG for ASMS kids
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The almighty LJ Rent RPG for ASMSers - Bohemian Dragons. The people in this community hope to take up even more of your little free time that you have at ASMS. (And we wanted something to do during the summer.)

Current players:

Mark Cohen t_townwolf
Roger Davis michiro
Tom Collins jediobiwan
Angel Dumott Schunard (Someone apply, man.)
Mimi Marquez keke_113
Maureen Johnson benfoldsrocks
Joanne Jefferson zitremedy101
Benjamin Coffin III

Post an application to join, and then you can start posting as your character. We accept minor characters. Current ASMS students and alumni can apply.

Application should include:

Character Request:
Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself:

Don't be afraid if you're new to Rent or RPG's. We love everyone.


1. Posts should stay on topic of the story. Posts including information relating to ASMS are also allowed, but anything else will be weeded out by the mods.
2. All members should post with an icon of their character. It makes things less confusing.
3. New days/events/etc. should start with a new post. Other characters should reply as comments. Use common sense and start a new thread in the comments when they get to be very tiny.
4. We're sticking to the main Rent timeline right now, starting around mid-January after "Happy New Year". Anything goes at this point. Major events may or may not take place.
5. Stay in character. Try, at least.
6. Have fun. :)